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Ok folks, whether you like it or not the holiday season is upon us.  That means it's time to get our Christmas plans started.  Last year Ledgeview offered our Christmas Carryout menu and everyone loved it, so this year we figured we'd also offer it again!  Check out our Holiday Carryout Menu HERE and give us a call if you'd like us to do the cooking for you this holiday season.

Autumn isn't over (even though the Christmas Decor is up and running) so don't forget a fan favorite beer.. THE BANE OF ICHABOD!!  Please welcome back our blond pumpkin stout, lovingly named after one of our favorite spooky folktales. Along with the Ichabod you'll find a jumbo soft pretzel on our appetizer menu as well as Craig's famous New England Clam Chowder.

We'd also like to let everyone know that Ledgeview Brewing Co. has a food truck that we lovingly call The Ledgeview Roadster.  Give us a call at 574-376-4445 to book it for your next lunch, dinner, or private event.

For those who don't enjoy beer so much we also have wine available.  Check out our selection on the second page of our menu.  Then again, you may get so wrapped up in our BBQ menu that you forget all about the wine and beer... hahahaha, not likely!!!


Ledgeview Brewing Company blends tradition, creativity, and boldness to produce a Midwest experience with

local brews and delicious smoked meats.


About Ledgeview Brewing Company

Our Story

It started with one of those homebrew kits...  Abby thought it would be a fun gift, a hobby perhaps, that Craig could enjoy so he wasn't so focused on work (a common problem among chefs).  Well, it turns out Craig was pretty good at brewing beer (won an award within a year), and, since he was already a chef, it just made sense for him to combine his two passions.

After a late night discussion of what they wanted to do when they grew up (they're in their forties, by the way), Craig said, "All I want to do is cook barbeque and brew my beer." A few days later Abby (who is from Goshen, IN) recalled the conversation over the phone with a hometown friend who said, "You're not going to believe this, but a place just like that is up for sale in Warsaw, Indiana."

A message to the previous owner led to a plane ride (Fall of 2019, pre-Covid-19 when you could still do that and not wear a hazmat suit), which led to a visit of the building, which led to a trip home, which led to a SERIOUS LIFE-CHANGING DISCUSSION, which led to a offer of purchase.  A few months and a one pandemic later, Craig and Abby packed up all their belongings (and kids, couldn't forget them), sold their house in Massachusetts, and moved to Warsaw, Indiana to begin what is now called Ledgeview Brewing Company.

People ask us all the time where the name comes from.  Well, the house we owned in Massachusetts was on Ledgeview Drive.  When Craig started making his homebrew in the garage, he called it the Ledgeview Garage Brewery.  Then, when we knew this move was really going to happen, we seriously considered using that specific name.  We even thought about knocking out the south wall of the restaurant and installing a glass garage door that would open out to the patio.  Then we saw how much that would cost.  So yeah, no "Garage."

So here we are, making some serious barbeque and getting ready to brew some amazing beer.  If you can, please take the time to come and check us out after we open.  We, along with our friends and family, have worked really hard to get the restaurant and brewery ready.  That way, when you and your friends come to visit, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.  And who knows, maybe someday we'll find the time (and the funds) to finally install those garage doors.


Ledgeview Brewing Company Beers

Some beers come and some go, but we're sure we'll have something you'll enjoy. Each style of beer has been hand-picked including familiar tastes, new creations, and seasonal favorites.  Check out our new fall beer: The Bane of Ichabod Blond Pumpkin Stout!

All beers (except for the Dominatrix and Ichabod) are currently available by the 5oz pour, 16oz pint, 32oz Howler, and 64oz Growler (howlers and growlers are carry out only).  The Dominatrix is currently only sold in 22oz bottles.  Because of its high alcohol content, only one bottle may be enjoyed in house, however there is no limit for carry out.

Sim'plicity APA


Simcoe and Galaxy hops, simple malt bill.  Perfect for the "I don't like IPAs because they're too hoppy," peeps.

4.9 ABV

The Bane of Ichabod Blond Pumpkin Stout



Magnum hops, UK grains, oats, caramel malts, smoked pumpkin, cinnamon, cocoa nibs, and vanilla beans

8.5% ABV

TTT Irish Red


UK grains and East Kent Golden Hops.  Sweet maltiness and beautiful red color.

5.12 ABV

Lake City Lager


Clean and crisp.  Perfect for those who like a traditional American domestic beer.  Saaz and Hallertauer Hersbrucker hops, Pilsner malt.


The Dominatrix


A dark Belgian ale with competing yeasts. Which will dominate: the Abbey or the Trappist? Belgian malts with Goldings and Northern Brewer hops.

10.4 ABV

Blender Bender - Cherry Limeade


Wheat and Pilsner malt, kettle soured Berliner Weiss, cherries, key lime juice.


Squirrel Stew


An American nut brown ale brewed with Willamette and Northern Brewer hops, caramel malts, and Beachler's Sugar Bush maple syrup from Claypool, Indiana.

5.5 ABV

Dark Ledge Stout


A European style dark stout with East Kent Golden Hops, barley, and Chocolate malts.


Sunlit Hibiscus Wit


Hibiscus, Honey Bush Rooibos tea, Raspberry, Grapefruit, Cascade hops, White wheat and Pilsner malt.


Hop Lips Houlihan


40 lbs of fresh picked Chinook hops, combined with Columbus, Tomahawk, Zeus, and Hercules hops; dank IPA.

6.7 ABV


The Ledgeview Roadster

It’s official.. Ledgeview Brewing Company has a food truck!  We literally made it from scratch and lovingly call it The Ledgeview Roadster.  For the most part, The Roadster’s MENU is similar to our brewery’s menu but with some (yummy) modifications.  The Roadster can be booked by individuals or organizations for parties, work lunches/dinners, and even charitable events (inquire about our non-profit/fundraising possibilities).  Click HERE for Ledgeview Roadster booking info.

Wedding Tent


Now that things have been up and running for a bit, we're ready to let everyone know that we can cater events for up to 200 people!  Click HERE to see our catering options and menu.  After reviewing the information, give Abby a call at 574-376-4445 Wednesday-Sunday to discuss and book your event with Ledgeview Brewing Co.!


Opening Hours

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Monday - Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday - Saturday: 11am - 9pm
Sunday: 11am - 8pm


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975 Warren Street
Warsaw, Indiana, 46580


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